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Christmas List


1. Gears of War 2 (Box 360)

 Price New: $60

Why: Heard nothing but good reviews and friends have so I can play on live with them.

Priority (Out of 10): 9.0



2. Mirrors Edge (Box 360)

 Price New: $60

Why: Its like virtual free running, with cool graphics and game play.

Priority: 8.5










3. Nintendo 64 Games (About 5 Total List Below)

 Total Cost $60-80

Games: “Super Smash Bros. 64”, “Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time”, “Mario Kart 64”, “Golden Eye 007”, “Star fox 64”, “Super Mario 64 (Super Mario 64 is not a must have though would add to collection)”

Why: I miss my 64 games and need them to complete my collection.

Priority: 6.5   


4. Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour (Xbox 360)

 Price: $190

Why: A good party game to have, nothings better then having you and your friends play plastic instruments.

Priority: 7.0


5. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Xbox360)

 Price: USED $26.99

Why: Missed out on it the first time now it is cheaper used… Jets….mmmmmm

Priority: 6.0



Questions and Answers

Where’s The Wii – I already have everything worth having for my Wii, and don’t want any of the games out at this time.


Music Game  – Yes, they can be muy expensive but also quite fun in large groups of people. Rock Band 2 has more downloadable content though Guitar Hero (4) has a better start track list. Tupples would enjoy this greatly but would rather have more games then just this one though this in addition would be nice.


Where Should I Buy These? – The Tupples suggests that you buy from, Best Buy, Gamestop,,, or Most of the games will be easiest to find at gamestop but for the Nintendo 64 games it will be easiest off of Amazon or Ebay.


What If Relatives Ask… “What Does Will Want.” – Well right now I’m a little peckish so fruit cake (Pannettone) will do nicely. No, Not Really. Heres Items that Can Be Subsitituted: (2) Xbox 360 Controllers, $20, Gamestop Gift Cards, Xbox Live Point Cards (NOT MONTH CARDS POINTS FOR BUYING FROM ONLINE STORE), Tales of Vesperia, or what they choose.


Whats The Purpose of this list? – To help you the mother find the right things for your loving Tupples this Christmas.


Used Games- If your going to buy used games from gamestop Tup-Tup can give you his member card so you can save 10% on all used games. (New Games get nothing off)

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January 4, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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