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AVATAR in REAL D 3D!!!!!!

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Jake and Neytiri Last night I went to go see the new epic, 3 hour, in 3d, movie, Avatar. Sure I’ll admit it any day I’m not really a sci-fi sort of person. But I LOVED this movie!!!

The movie starts when Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) twin brother, a scientist dies. His brother was part of a science project on a far away planet, Pandora. The science experiment hooks up a human’s nervous system to a body that looks and works like one of the native people. So how does our protagonist, an ex-marine, get looped into a complex science experiment? Well the Avatar can only be connected to the person it was designed for. And because Jake’s identical twin brother is dead the brought in Jake because he would be able to connect to the Avatar as well. Jake runs into one of the native women, Neytiri, (Zoe Saldana). First this “dream walker” is not accepted by the people but soon he is one of them. But could the marines ruin the world, place, and people, Jake loves.
The movie definitely earns all the praises it has been given, and the PG-13 rating. The logic behind the story may be a bit iffy. But the themes are true no matter what planet you’re on.

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December 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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