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South Pacific

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I recently saw South Pacific at the Theatre Under The Stars and I was blown away! Every aspect of the show was amazing! I think that it was the best musical I have ever seen! Rod Gilfry who played Emile de Becque was simply sensational! He had an amazing voice, and great range. Carmen Cusack who stared as Nellie Forbush was great and really portrayed and sold the character!
Most people now the timeless story that is South Pacific, many have seen the great movie from 1958 but the movie leaves out some of the original Rogers and Hamerstein’s dialogue and reprises. I personally enjoyed the play much more than the movie!
The set design and technical execution was great! When the time came for a change in scene there were no blackouts and scurrying crew members. Instead a bamboo screen dropped and “Seabees” moved pieces on and off while a new scene carried on in front of the screen.
All in all this was the best musical I’ve ever seen! So go check if it tours in a city near you! This is a musical theatre experience you do not want to miss!

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March 18, 2010 at 11:31 am

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