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I made this in IB art.  This is probably my favorite one, and is definitely the one I’m happiest with the results of.  This is a mixed media ikon of St. Joseph and the Baby Jesus.  It’s done in monochrome, and was loosely inspired by both folk art  (obviously) and the artwork of William Blake (not so obviously).  The background is a collage of homes, furniture, and other things related to wood working, because Joseph was a carpenter.  These images were modge-podged onto a 12×18 inch piece of yellow sign board.  I painted it in layers, which is technically how you’re supposed to do things, but I didn’t know that when I first started.  I’m very proud of how the lily came out- I spent a good 3 days (approximetely 4.5 hours) getting it just right.  It has many different shades of yellow-white, and it was a good piece on its own.  I wish that  Joseph and Jesus had come out looking more realistic, but I’m satisfied with how they look.

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April 10, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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